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EMR/EHR Digital Transformations.

EMR/EHR Digital Transformations

The task of converting patient records and other archival documents to an Electronic Medical Records system can be daunting.

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Consider your existing patient folder library and how many documents are stored in each of those folders. This can add up to many thousands of documents to store.

EyeTee Partners has significant experience creating proven digital document management processes, which will ease the transformation to an EMR/EHR system and optimize your current Clinical Information Technology installations.

Our company has assisted several Optometric and Ophthalmology practices in their selection, implementation, integration and Meaningful Use reporting of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. We have extensive experience with the leading EMR systems: Crystal Practice Management, Compulink, Revolution, Eyecom; and interfacing those systems with instrument manufacturers such as Zeiss, Kowa, RightEye, Humphrey, Optos and Topcon.

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