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Our Services Include Several Technology Solutions for You.

Eye Tee Partners has been supporting the IT needs of the optometric industry since 1993. With these 26 years of experience, we can offer your practice the following technology solutions.


We Offer the Following Technology Solutions.

Convert patient records and other archival documents to an Electronic Medical Records system.

Define IT processes to demonstrate proper handling of e-PHI data and comply with HIPAA guidelines.

On-call Chief Information Officer who can become or work with your existing Information Technology department.

Cost-effective, risk-reducing solutions to integrate your existing clinical IT systems and your Diagnostic Instruments.

Protect your network and the important information it contains to minimize data breaches and be HIPAA Security Rule compliant.

Install and configure network solutions that are customized for your practice, ensuring a fast, safe and seamless connection.

Minimize the impact of hardware failures and secure your practice’s data to ensure business continuity and minimal downtime.

Recover lost data due to accidental erasure, electrical or physical damage, using our on-site forensics lab.

Our data destruction services will permanently render your data unreadable and most importantly, unrecoverable.

Your electronic devices contain a mixture of rare metals, glasses, and plastics — each with their own specialized recovery processes.